How a Tour Operator Used OneSpare to Go Virtual

About Travel Ideas

Travel Ideas was founded 6 years ago by three women in Cortona, Italy. Together, they wanted to offer guests a deeper connection to Tuscany through tailored experiences.  Now a team of 7 people, the tour operator offers a variety of services including accommodations, private tours, and itinerary planning.  Federica Billi, one of the co-founders, is in charge of Do It in Tuscany - the tour and experiences arm of the company .

Federica Billi, Co-FounderTravel Ideas in Tuscany

The Challenge

For 3 years, Travel Ideas had been working with OneSpare to promote and sell their full service getaways in Cortona. The collaborative relationship had led to hundreds of bookings for the tour operator and even more satisfied guests. However, when COVID-19 hit, the world was in lock-down, and no one was able to travel to Italy to take advantage of what Travel Ideas had to offer.

The Decision

Federica and her team felt that virtual experiences would be a great alternative to in-person tours and would provide customers with an escape from lock-down life. However, she was unsure if the virtual aspect would be well-received or how to promote it. After speaking with OneSpare and hearing about their success with virtual auctions, she decided to promote her packages using the platform. 

The Results

In the first month, Travel Ideas was promoted in 30 events through OneSpare! Federica and her team realized that virtual experiences attract a unique customer segment, and they now plan to keep virtual offerings for the foreseeable future.


Travel Ideas was promoted at 30 events with 5,000 attendees.

Incremental Revenue

 In the first month, Federica received $1,145 from the platform.

New Customers

Travel Ideas acquired a new customer segment that they never had before.

“OneSpare offered the opportunity to promote the virtual product and gave us suggestions on what to include. They were great!"

– Federica Billi

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