How an Inn Used OneSpare to Streamline Donations and Boost Revenue

About The Lakehouse Inn 

Originally bought as a retirement home, Lakehouse Inn is a family-owned and operated retreat on the shores of Lake Erie in Geneva, Ohio. Amber Sironen, Director of Operations, has worked on property for over 6 years and oversees the daily operations of the inn, restaurant, and onsite spa.

Amber Sironen, Director of OperationsLakehouse Inn Resort

The Challenge

At The Lakehouse Inn, giving back to the community is a core value, and responding to donation requests has been a part of the inn's operations for many years. As the Director of Operations, Amber is heavily involved in the process. From receiving the written requests (up to 20 per day!), determining which causes to donate to, creating the package, generating and tracking the certificate, and then delivering it - Amber spent quite a bit of time on this task and wasn't seeing much return from it.

The Decision

 Amber discovered OneSpare through an Association of Lodging Professionals webinar and became intrigued. She had been spending lots of time donating packages for free hoping the winner would pay more at the restaurant or come back another time, but it just wasn’t happening. With OneSpare, she could guarantee she would earn revenue, could track the winners, and save time by streamlining the requests! She knew she had to give it a shot.

The Results

In the first few weeks, Amber sold 5 certificates generating over $1,400. She now uses the platform for all her donations and saves time by referring requests to her custom OneSpare website link.


The Lakehouse Inn was promoted to 2,850 gala attendees.

Incremental Revenue

 In the first few weeks, Amber received $1,408 from the platform.

Time Saved

Amber estimates that she saves 3-5 hours/week with OneSpare.

“We look at donations as a marketing expense, which we did before too, but it was so much more work before. Now it’s more cost-effective."

– Amber Sironen

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