Enjoy Promotion on >10,000 Websites

Gain even more exposure for your business. Participate in Flash Sales and get in front of thousands of nonprofit supporters and potential customers.

Help Charities Year-round

A portion of each sale benefits the nonprofit that promoted your business.

Earn Additional Revenue

Receive meaningful revenue based on your system settings.

Increase Exposure

You'll enjoy exposure on more than 10,000 nonprofit websites.

Get Started with Flash Sales

Step 1

Login and go to Certificate Inventory in your dashboard

Step 2

Edit the certificate you want to promote

Step 3

Check the box labeled "Make these available for flash sales"

Step 4

Decide how many you want to sell and press Save My Changes

More Information on Flash Sales

Who can participate?

Any OneSpare provider that has a large amount of inventory, such as dance classes, online lessons, resort stays, and virtual experiences is eligible to participate in Flash Sales.

When do Flash Sales happen?

Flash Sales happen about once per month. Each participating provider is in at least one Flash Sale and is notified in their dashboard when it is happening. 

Where do I see the results?

Providers can see who purchased their Flash Sale certificates by going to View Issued Certificates/Mark as Redeemed in their dashboard.

How much do I get paid when a package sells?

Providers are eligible for different revenue levels depending on the value of their certificate. These options are listed in the Provider's dashboard.

Start Getting Promoted with Flash Sales

Get in front of thousands of potential customers with just one click.

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