How a Vineyard Used OneSpare to Generate Revenue

About Enriquez

Enriquez Estate Wines is a small family-owned and operated vineyard in Russian River Valley, California. Cecilia Enriquez, the owner and winemaker, is a young entrepreneur that built the business from the ground up. With the help of just one other employee, she manages the day to day operations of the 4.5 acre vineyard and her on-site vacation rental. 

Cecilia Enriquez, OwnerEnriquez Estate Wines

The Challenge

Being a small business owner, Cecilia wanted to gain exposure for her business but didn’t have a marketing budget. Donating to charities was one way she could gain exposure without cost. She regularly received donation requests for her wine and vacation rental. However, she did not have the ability to donate to each one. She had to ask “What kind of event are you having?” in order to qualify each opportunity. When customers called to book, she then had to sift through her emails to find which package she had donated and when. It became a time-consuming task.

The Decision

 Cecilia received an email about OneSpare and quickly became interested. A platform that would streamline her donation requests, promote her property, and generate revenue seemed too good to be true. "What's the catch?" she thought. After scheduling a demo and learning more, Cecilia decided to move forward, as there was nothing to lose. The platform was free.

The Results

After just one month, Cecilia generated $2,200 from OneSpare and was promoted to more than 2,300 nonprofit supporters. To this day, she continues to be a top seller on the platform. 


Enriquez Estate Wines was promoted to 2,350 gala attendees.

Incremental Revenue

 In the first month, Cecilia received $2,200 from OneSpare.

Time Saved

Cecilia estimates that she has cut her time on donations in half.

“Now I can cover my costs, and the charity raises money. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved from start to finish.”

– Cecilia Enriquez

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