Turn Donation Requests into Revenue!

Streamline your donation requests, promote your ranch, and generate incremental revenue all at the same time.

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Incremental Revenue

Keep half of the winning bid when a ranch vacation sells.

Targeted Promotion

Enjoy meaningful promotion at galas in your local area.

New Customers

Get direct access to new customers.

See how White Stallion Ranch gained exposure using OneSpare.

Leverage the power of nonprofits.

With more than  10,000 nonprofits using our platform to secure fun experiences for their galas, you have a tremendous opportunity to enjoy added promotion and incremental revenue.  Each time your package sells, you'll receive an email notification, a check in the mail and direct access to your customer contact details. Customers call you directly to book!

How it works

1) Create a vacation package.

You control the package details, valid dates, minimum bid, and which nonprofits may promote your ranch.

2) Add your custom link to your website.

Add your custom Request Donation link to your website and direct all your donation requests there (no paperwork required!).

3) Nonprofits promote your ranch to supporters.

Approved 501(c)(3) nonprofits access your package and promote your best photos and videos at their event. 

4) You receive a check.

Each time your package sells, we send you a check for your portion of the winning bid (along with a new customer).

You're in full control!

OneSpare Vacation gives you all the tools to promote your ranch on your terms. Enjoy local and/or national promotion. You choose. 



Set the minimum bid so your package is never sold for less than you'd like.


Limit how many vacation packages can be sold each year.

Promotion Tracking

Off-Season Bookings

Promote your off-season and shoulder season and specify blackout dates.

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"OneSpare allows us to reach audiences that we previously couldn't. Now we're able to offer certificates to more organizations than we ever have, which benefits the community and gets our name out there. OneSpare is truly a win-win."

-Brook G., Marketing Manager at White Stallion Ranch


Our platform is 100% free with no long-term contract.

Sounds great. What's next?

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